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Airport Park Salt Lake City v. 42 Hotel SLC, 2016 UT App 137
Subject: Private easements, Roads, Terms of writings,

  Allgood v. Allgood, 134 S.C. 233 (1926)
Subject: Deeds to deceased persons, Validitiy od documents, Grantee names, Not valid without grantee
  Allred v. Allred, 2008 UT 22,
Subject: Adverse Possession and tenant, Leaseholder,
  Anderson v. Doms, 1999 UT App 207,
Subject: Real estate contract, Warranty deed prohibiting encumbrances, Encroachments, Easements, Quiet title against tax sale, Trust deed,

Anderson v. Fautin, 2016 UT 22 (Utah Supreme Court);
Subject: New/Clarified Elements of Acquessence, Elements of Boundary by Agreement or Consent,

  Andrews v. Wheeler, 10 Cal. App 614, 103 P. 144 (1909)
Subject: Quiet title, Monuments of survey, Section lines, Lot boundaries, Evidence,
  Andrus v. State of Utah, 446 U.S. 500 (1980),
Subject: Taylor Grazing Act, School trust lands, Indemnity selections, Interior department,
  Angelo v. Biscamp, 441 S.W. 2d 524, 12 Tex. Sup. J. 389 (1969)
Subject: Adverse possession, Strip and gore doctrine, Trespass, Abandonded rail-road right-of-way, Deed, Appurtenant easements,
  Arneson v. Spawn, 2 S.D. 269, 49 N.W. 1066 (1891)
Subject: Government corner, Mound, County surveyor, Fences, Actual possession,
  Ashton-Jenkins Co. v. Bramel, 192 P. 375 (Utah sup. 1920)
Subject: Quieting title, Torrens title (Uniform land registration act), Registars of title duties ministerial, Evidence of title, Deed one link in chain of title,
  Ault v. Holden, 444 Utah Adv Rep. 3, 44 P.3d 781 (Utah Sup. 2002)
Subject: Deeds, Closure error, Test of validity, Surveyors duties


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