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Why Survey?



There are legal reasons for having a Licensed and Insured Professional establish your boundaries. All States have laws regulating the establishment of the legal boundaries of property and require such to be done by a Licensed Land Surveyor.

The most basic reason for having your boundaries done by a professional is piece of mind. And there is always the benefit of avoiding a dispute with the neighbor. Usually, when we think of our property we think that the boundary is also our exclusive domain. The reality is that the boundary is not exclusive, it also belongs to your neighbor. Making an error in the location of the boundary, even a small one, can cause disagreements between neighbors, or worse, law suits that cost tens of thousands of dollars to resolve.


Added Value:
Your home and property is the largest personal investment that you will make. As part of that investment it is important to have security in a well established and accurate boundary between you and your neighbors. A competent survey adds value far in excess of of the initial expense of the survey. How can it do this . . .

You have probably heard that "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors". This is true only if the fence is actually on the property line. To know the locaiton of your boundaries is a signigicant reason to invest in having a competent and accurate survey of your property. The peace of mind this provides alone is worth the investment. But having accuarate boundaries is more valuable than just peace of mind. It can also prevent huge costs due to a boundary dispute. Attorney's fees, court costs, expert fees, all add up to a depletion of your personal finances.

Home Purchase:
Every real estate purchase should include a survey.

Title Survey:
A title survey is designed to provide a Title Company with the information that they need to be able to remove the Survey Exception that is a standard part of Schedule B exceptions is a traditional home owners policy. This type of survey will provide the added value of a Boundary survey and include a complete listing of all easements or encuberances that my affect your property. In addition the map will show the location of all improvements on the property to ensure they meet local government ordinance requirements.




Added Value:
Because commercial property can provide the means of producing income the value of commercial real estate is siginificant. Because of the expense of such property a competent and precise survey ensures that the site can be utilied to it's full potential.

Subdivision Disclosure:
A property survey being done for the purpose of purchasing a portion of a parcel is vital in identifying accuratly the portion of an original parcel being purchased. Additionally, this survey will provide the purchaser and seller a clear understanding of what is being sold including the improvements affected by the division.


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