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  Salt Lake County v. Metro West Ready Mix, Inc., 53 P.3d 499, 2002 UT App 257,
Subject: Recording statute, Wild deed, Bona fide rights,
  Salt Lake County v. Merto West Ready Mix, Inc, 2004 UT 23 (supreme court 2004),
Subject: Recording statute, Wild deed, Bona fide rights,
  Salt Lake City v. Evans Development Group, LLC, 2016 UT 15,
Subject: Eminent domain,
  State of Utah, University of Utah v. Augason, Civil No 140905963 (3rd judicial district),
Subject: This case involved descriptions produced by the County Recorder in the taxation process.
  Sterns Lending Inc. v. Pyle, 2015 UT 252,
Subject: Loan, Trust deed-invalidated,
  Stiching Mayflower Mountain Fonds v. UDOT, 2011 UT App 88,
Subject: Orders final,
  Stiching Mayflower Mountain Fonds v. United Park City Mines Company, 2017 UT 42,
Subject: Roads-public-private-dedicated-RS2477, Easements-common law-prescriptive-appurtenant, Mining claims, Mining acts, Subdivision, FLPMA Act,
  Strand v. Dimeo, 2015 UT App 259,
Subject: Will, Equitable discovery rule, Statute of limitations, Probate code,


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