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Definition of Common Terms

This is a term used in the Title, Surveying, and Legal Professions to refer to a claim, whether actual or apparant, on a parcel of land.

For instance, a stranger to your property records a deed which appears to claim ownership or title to property that you own, whether this was unintentional or on purpose, a CLOUD is created on the title of the property. This is only a simple example of how a cloud may be created on property, there are many means or causes of a cloud on title. A competent surveyor can help identify and provide a solution to the cloud.


A competent professional surveyor will their work and your investment with Professional Liability Insurance. Not having this type of insurance is not just a risky business practice for the surveyor but it transfers risk to you and the land owner. Should an expensive error be discovered and the surveyor is liable for the damages, the only way that you, the owner, is protected from loss is through the surveyors liability insurance.


The Property Line, sometimes known as the Property Boundary, is an invisible line between two land owners. The property line is most often identified by a fence. Sometimes by a ditch, a retainming wall, hedges, or even the walls of a building.

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